Sitecom 300N X4 WLR-4000 Wireless router review

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Power Consumption


Power Consumption

For the third and final series of tests we look at power consumption. It's a hot topic these days and well, we measure everything I guess. We are interested to see again in a 10M distance setup and then 20M how power consumption behaves. We measure this at wall socket side with the help of a WattsUp power monitor which can measure in a tenth of a Watt precise. This device measures in-between the wall socket and router.

Above power consumption while we transmit from the laptop towards a client side PC. Wireless is obviously one of the more power consuming features to use. Roughly 5 Watts, which is really normal.

When we extend our range towards 20 meters, power consumption actually drops a watt towards roughly 4 Watts. And that makes it leading class power consumption.

* update Mbit/sec in the charts should of course read Watt

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