Sitecom 300N X4 WLR-4000 Wireless router review

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What's in there ?

Let's open her up, good gosh ... how big is Realtek really? Anyways, inside the WLR-4000 we spot a Realtek RTL8366 chip which is basically the IC that regulates the switch, or in fact is the Gigabit switch. For wireless connectivity (single band) we spot a Ralink RT3052 chip.

SiteCom 300N X4 WLR-4000


Actually their architecture of the product looks very similar to the older WL-351 model router from Sitecom with the difference that is has more internal memory apparently IPv6 relayted as the IPv6 stack is loaded completely into memory. Next to that part of that memory will very likely be used for cloud security functionality.

Looking at the sides of the unit you can see the three antennas for the wireless, very small. What this product could use, are some decent external antennas.

SiteCom 300N X4 WLR-4000

Labeled on the box you'll see this, an easy to read out sticker covering all the primary features of the router. SiteCom is all about communication with simplicity to the end-users, and that works well for them.

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