Silverstone Permafrost PF240 liquid cooler review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

The Silverstone PERMAFROST arrived in a white-blue box, with a large image of the cooler with RGB on. On the backside, you can see a list of features.



After opening the PERMAFROST ’s box. we are greeted by the hose and CPU block wrapped in plastic, and just about smothered in soft plastic foam. Everything arrived safe and sound. The mounting hardware supplied by Silverstone supports virtually every socket (even Intel’s ancient LGA775) except AMD's TR4.


One of the plastic bags contains all the mounting accessories sorted by socket type. The other one contains assorted cables and an ARGB controller.

  • Backplate
  • AMD Clip
  • AMD buckle
  • 4PIN peripheral adapter cable
  • aRGB sync cable
  • 2 in 1 aRGB cable
  • Motherboard sync cable
  • SATA power adapter
  • aRGB controller
  • Spring Screw
  • Stand-off
  • Thermal grease (no name on it)
  • Plastic spacer (these were not included in the package)
  • LGA2011 screw
  • M3.5*30mm screw
  • Fan screw A
  • Fan screw B
  • 2 in 1 fan cable


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