Scythe FUMA2 Rev.B CPU Cooler review

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Product Installation

We have little to do since the standoffs are already secured to the rear plate. What remains is to attach the top brackets to the standoffs and screw them in place. As the hardware runs out of threads, it will stop spinning, so screw everything in until it stops and you are certain you have put everything correctly.


We turned the motherboard to the side after installing the cooler and crossbar to get a sense of the size of the Fuma Rev.B. We can see that it is not too close to the RAM DIMM slots, and the outer fans the most elevated object on the cooler in our usage.  This solution should not give you any issues with DIMMs anytime soon.


We discovered no concerns with heat sink clearance or a lack of space to conceal the surplus fan connections. On four DIMM motherboards, we may see a similar memory coverage problem if the third fan is employed, however as it is, access behind the cooler is good and even provides space anough for the multiple 4/8-pin connectors.



The cables coming from the fans can be connected separately, or you can just use the included y-splitter cable and connect both fans to one FAN port.


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