Samsung Spinpoint HD203WI 2TB HDD review

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HDD Performance SiSoft Sandra HDD

SiSoft Sandra HD test

Let's do a synthetic test with Sandra, just to see if we can match the results we've seen in HD Tach.

What SANDRA also does (important for an HDD) is to test at several positions of the HD and then averages the result with an index score. See, at the outer part of a platter the performance is slower. The fastest SSD drive we ever laid our hands on manages to squeeze 266 MB/sec out of the drive. The 2TB Spinpoint still gets a decent 90 MB/sec.

And though at the lowest position of the charts, The HDD performs with 79 MB/sec on writes. Again, a 2Tb drive at 5400 RPM and only a 32MB cache. It's not bad really.

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