Computex 2010 - Day 0 - Before it all begins

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Computex 2010 - Day 0 - T minus 1 - it is about to begin

square-computex2010-day-0.jpgHello all and welcome to the first Computex update straight from Taipei in Taiwan. The first part of Guru3D's Computex 2010 coverage. We check out the work in progress at the exhibition ground. Yesterday yours truly had to catch a plane to Taiwan, as on Tuesday the 1st Computex is beginning. After a 16 hour flight, and then the residual hours of automotive traveling, we finally arrived in a warm and moist Taipei.

Minutes after checking into the hotel NVIDIA launched their GeForce GTX 465, an article which you probably already have read here at Guru3D, then I hopped on a taxi to the TWTC exhibition grounds for the press credentials and that always impressive building, the Taipei 101.

A building that is hard to miss alright, look up into the sky... you'll notice that the building is roughly 550 meters in height. So impressive, and sure... even a little scary.

Taipei is Taipei, people everywhere , a gazillion taxis and in the center of Taipei a trillion more scooters as that is the way next to a metro, how people get around here.  It's always very fun to see the cultural differences, especially when coming from a country like the Netherlands (where I come from).

This week is loaded with appointments from which you'll be able to read Computex reports coming from Taipei. We'll try and do this in a loose style as you are used to from us, similar to our CeBIT  and CES articles. We brought along some pretty dandy photo-kit and hope to bring you some nice photos of the newest stuff shown at Computex 2010.

Today is day-0, as in one day before Computex starts. We typically have a quick peek at the exhibition grounds, pick up the press-badge etc then head onwards to the exhibition grounds where, if allowed, we'll sneak in and see stands being build, people practicing their presentations, booth girls learning their dance routines and of course... the usual stress and madness to get everything going.

Welcome to Taipei, welcome to Guru3D's Computex 2010 Report, this year sponsored by ECS Elitegroup.

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