OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 Portable SSD review

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OCZ Enyo 128GB

OCZ Enyo 128GBSo the year 2010 definitely is going to remembered for a couple of hardware trends. The rise of the SSD, SATA 3 (6G) and of course USB 3.0 have been rather successful introduced technologies. Since the new motherboards nearly all have such hosts controllers it now is slowly time for the market to adapt to that, we need new storage devices and gadgets utilizing the massive bandwidth these host controllers give us.

Recently we reviewed an SSD from ADATA with USB 3.0 interface, we noticed blazing speeds up-to 190/MB/sec on that USB 3.0 controller. In pale comparison, on USB 2.0 you are lucky to reach even 30 MB/sec.

As such we can not see the implementation of new storage solutions on SATA3 and USB 3.0 fast enough. Bring it on we say.

Now back in January earlier this year when we visited OCZ at CES in Las Vegas, we noticed a cool little external storage unit, it's called the Enyo and it pretty much is a USB 3.0 portable Flash SSD. However it's not 'just' an external device, it is done OCZ style ... and that entails amazing and breathtaking performance taking full advantage of that USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 5Gbps port.

The product is tagged with specifications like Maximum read speeds of 260 MB/sec and 200 MB/sec on the write performance. All that housed in a sleek stylish aluminum housing.

Good stuff for a nice little review. Let's go check it out ...

OCZ Enyo 128GB

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