Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe SSD review

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SSD Performance File Copy Tests

SSD Performance

In this round of benchmarks, we start off with our real-world file copy tests. Currently, certain controllers benefit from compressed files, while others don't. Certain storage units hate small files, others work well with them. So it only makes sense to do some manual tests on that.

File Copy

The most basic and simple test anyone can perform. We drop a 100 GB compressed file onto the SSD. That write number will fluctuate a bit here and there during the writing process. Let's have a peek:



You can see as long as the buffer(s) can keep up, ~3.5 GB/sec sustained writes. Now the problem you can observe as presented her, is of course that the source drive is not fast enough to feed the 980 Pro with data. 


Copying the 100 GB file towards a client drive is good, but again the SSD runs into a TLC write or buffer issue as you can see. That has nothing to do with this Samsung SSD.

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