Samsung 860 QVO 2TB SSD review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

The following images were taken at high-resolution and then cropped and scaled down. The camera used was a Canon DSLR shooting 12 MegaPixel photos. Right then, packaging. The sample we have at hand is a 2 TB model. Performance is listed as 550 MB/s read and 520 MB/s write with close to ~90K IOPS at 4k random write QD32 aligned disk access with our tested model.


And there it is, this is the 2.5" SATA III also known as 6 Gbit/s version all packaged up in the bundle. You should easily be able to place it somewhere in your chassis. Small and light-weight, the SSD supports TRIM making sure your SSD will regain its speed once in idle. 



Obviously, if you have not upgraded your PC in a while, the drives are backward compatible to SATA2 as well, but the bandwidth limitation there would be capped to roughly 270 MB/s (which is still silly fast compared to HDDs).



A proper SATA 6G cable is recommended and should be delivered with your motherboard. We however never ever had issues with a standard SATA2 cable either. It seems that SATA3 cables are a little thicker, that's all.

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