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Specifications and Features

Samsung SSD 840 Pro Specifications and Features

Samsung is now offering four versions of the 840 Pro which includes a 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB model. The 256GB and 512GB modules perform might impressive at 540MB/s read and 450MB/s write performance, which is faster than the previous-generation 830 Series' rates of 520MB/s and 400MB/s.

So the sample that has arrived in our secret test facility is the 256GB version of the drive. The 840 Pro series will come with MLC NAND, flash memory from Samsungs new 20nm node.  

  • Type Solid State Drive
  • Type 2.5" 7mm (Ultraslim) Form Factor
  • Type 840 PRO Series
  • Storage Capacity: 256GB
  • Features Sequential Read Speed: Up to 540MB/s
  • Features Sequential Write Speed: Up to 520MB/s
  • Random Read Speed Up to 100K IOPS
  • Random Write Speed Up to 90K IOPS
  • 2.5" 7mm (Ultraslim) Form Factor
  • Warranty 5 Years

Controller Architecture

The 840 Pro has been equipped with Samsung's newest MDX controller (S4LN021X01-8030), this is a triple-core ARM-based controller that of course is SATA 6Gb/s compatible and can be paired with the latest 20nm NAND flash memory. Samsung mentioned in some tech white-papers that the 840 Pro's MDX controller is able to get you superior multi-tasking results under heavy I/O loads and provide steadier performance on more tasks.

The MDX controller (S4LN021X01-8030) itself is based upon an ARM Cortex R4 (300MHz) processor. It has three cores that can execute multiple instructions at once, allowing, for example, one to be used for reading data, one for writing data and another for optimization. And that fact all by itself makes Samsungs claim on superior multi-tasking a very likely one.


I just pulled some numbers from some online etailers. Making your own SSD with your own controller, own PCB, own cache chips and own NAND flash memory does have advantages as Samsung is able to keep the prices very competitive as this product is made 99% in-house.

  • 128GB costs 130 EUR
  • 256GB costs 230 EUR
  • 512GB costs 485 EUR
These are street prices incl VAT and the lowest found with availability have been used. Not bad, especially when you consider that this is an enthusiast class SSD as you are about to find out from our benchmarks. Its performance really is breathtaking. 


The Samsung 840 Pro SSD

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