Samsung 840 Pro SSD review

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SSD Performance AS SSD Benchmark


AS SSD Benchmark

Added to the benchmark suite is this nice little German application called AS SSD Benchmark. This test gives an extensive result set. The test is popular, so just for reference we always show the results, here we go.


What continously jumps out is the fantastic write performance. Roughly 490 MB/sec sequential writes is downright spectacular.


AS-SSD returns a weighed score, I gathered some of the latest SSDs and placed them in a chart, this shows how fast the SSD really is.

Compression benchmark


Above Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD

This test creates test patterns on the target drive which are random and vary in the level of compression used in the test data. This ranges from 0% compressible to 100% compressible.

Basically for this chart you want a straight line as much as possible here (no compression performance loss) based upon the highest performance in MB/sec. As you can see, this is leading performance.


Above OCZ Vector 256GB SSD


Above Plextor M5 Pro 256GB SSD


Abobe Intel Series 335 240GB

Intel 520 Series SSD

Above Intel 520 series 240GB

OCZ Octane

Above OCZ Octane 512GB


Above Corsair Force 3


Above Corsair Force 100

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