Radeon Adrenalin Edition Driver December 2017 Analysis

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There is one more thing that AMD added, and that is smartphone support. Whether or not this will be popular, we do not know. But basically, AMD has created an APP that allows you to communicate with the drivers. Here you can access data and metrics from your graphics card, like temperatures, stream video or even make a screenshot. 


Basically, from the driver GUI, you click AMD LINK, see a QR code, and use that to connect the smartphone application within your WIFI zone. It has a bunch of functionalities in it. You can have more than one PC integrated into the app.  


Basically, you can use it as a secondary screen next to your PC for information. You can put this in landscape mode btw and thus also use say a tablet as an extra screen for information. Above and below some screen grabs I took on my Galaxy S7, for which the APP was almost 65 MB btw (!).


The smartphone app will be available in the near future, currently, it is in beta testing stages as you can see above. We tried, we liked most of it. There are some nagging things in the software, for example, if you hit the main screen and touch the phone, the AMD website loads up in a browser, it is that kind of stuff we do not like. Also, we have no clue as to what data AMD is gathering and internally using the app. Time will tell. 

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