Radeon Adrenalin Edition Driver December 2017 Analysis

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Wattman - Chill and new ReLive features

There's more to AMD Crimson ReLive then just a few driver enhancements, on this page a quick overview of some other great new features.


Some new functionality has been brought towards Wattman (Wattmanager power management tool). Basically, it's all profile related, you can save, load and share them. 


Radeon Chill (regulates framerates dynamically), by design it will reduce excessive GPU power consumption while still delivering a proper gaming experience for the end user. It does so by lowering your framerate in situations and where it is allowed to do so. Radeon Chill basically monitors user inputs in order to determine whether or not quick motion is happening on the screen during a game. If the user is standing still and the display is mostly static, Radeon Chill quickly scales down frame rates to a lower threshold in order to save power. It is still the same stuff, however more and more game titles have been added and should work on any game after AMD now changed their algorithms. So there are no games on the blacklist here.


I know some of you have been requesting this one, poor-man's free sync as some call it :) New in Enhanced Sync support for all GCN based Radeon graphics cards. Now also Vulkan support is added as well as laptop support (display must be powered by a discrete GPU). As you can read, here again, multi-GPU support has been added as well as Eyefinity support. Enhanced Sync is supported on all recent flavors of DirectX, from 9 through 12, and it can be enabled in Radeon Settings under the vertical refresh sync drop-down menu, now included as well is Vulkan support. 


There is a new tab in the ReLive segment, the connect tab, for all your social media needs and everything AMD Radeon advertorial wise. There is a gallery, social media accounts and resource center (info, tips and AMD articles) option here.


Here is where we arrive at Radeon ReLive itself, the biggest and best feature (according to our opinion), is the integration of a game recording DVR into the software. With this feature, you may capture, stream and share your gaming experience. The overlay recording APU has been further optimized, lowering FPS overhead drops, which is always a good thing, of course. So we're talking about the im[pact of recording on gameplay FPS, which is lower.


Radeon ReLive now as well, support the Vulkan API, so you may record videos and obtain certain overlays, which we'll talk about on the next page.


Radeon ReLive now also supports Eyefinity support, meaning you stitch all monitors and can record a video with a huge resolution.


A new option in Radeon ReLive is the ability to isolate audio streams, e.g. you can select to record just the MIC, and not the game audio. Thus, selectable audio channels.

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