AMD Radeon R7-260X R9-270X and R9-280X review

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Ultra High Definition 4K - 3840x2160 performance

Gaming at 3840x2160 FPS performance with modern games

So on this page I want to show you an overview of rendering performance with the new AMD Radeon R9-280X card, I am skipping the R260X and R270X as really, they don't make any sense for 4K gaming.

Into the charts we add the Radeon HD 7970 GHz, Radeon HD 7970 GHz in Crossfire. Then on NVIDIA's side a GeForce GTX 780, GeForce GTX 780 SLI and a GeForce GTX Titan. I'm limiting our results to these cards as there was not sufficient time and really, these are the only cards you should use with a setup like this anyway as you want at least 3GB graphics memory per card.

Over time these charts will build up, so please understand that the following two pages functions as an indication of what we need in the not so far away future.


  • DirectX 11
  • High Quality settings
  • 2x MSAA
  • 16x AF
  • Internal benchmark
Again, for the single GPU cards, if you disable AA you will gain up-to a third in performance making the games playable enough.


  • DirectX 11
  • Ultra Quality mode with DDOD enabled
  • FXAA enabled


  • Medal of Honor Warfighter is set at Ultra image Quality
  • 4x MSAA enabled (deferred) 


  • DX11
  • Ultra Quality mode
  • FX AA enabled
  • 16x AF enabled
  • Hair Quality Normal (TressFX disabled)
  • Tessellation On
  • SSAO Ultra

Our scores are average frame rates so you need to take a margin in mind for lower FPS at all times. As such we say 40 FPS for overall should be your minimum, while 60 FPS (frames per second) can be considered optimal. Well, we need the Radeon R9-290X for that alright.

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