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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

There's no way around it, Radeon 6790 is a lovely product for the money. It will become a great value product that offers good performance. Combined with the latest revision of OC software like MSI's AfterBurner you'll be able to tweak the card much further though. Without voltage tweaking you'll reach say 900 to 950 MHz on the graphics processor core. Of course you can look into some voltage tweaking as well, and without doubt you'll near the 1 GHz barrier.

For the overclock we got the gDDR5 memory clocked (effective data-rate) to 5000 MHz stable as well. These two tweaks ensure you gain another chunk in performance. Now comparing the reference Radeon 6790 and the Radeon 6870 PCB directly; well we just didn't spot any difference. Chances are pretty good that you can flash a Radeon 6870 BIOS into this product and get that GPU opened up and fully working with all shader processors TMUs and ROPS. It's just a hint though, nothing substantiated of course :)

The Radeon 6790 as such is a lovely little product in many ways and its definitely rated and performing higher than what NVIDIA has to offer with their GTX 550 Ti. Perf wise you are looking at lower segment GTX 460 performance with slightly higher peaks here and there. And for the money that's just really good value.

Looking at Battlefield BC2 for example, even at 8xAA we reached 35 FPS on average and considering how we test and in the level we test, I'd say that is some nice performance. Or take Colin McRea Dirt, in DX11 mode at 1600x1200 with 8xAA we get 54 FPS returned, that's just great.

guru3d-recommended_150px.jpgSo yeah, I doubt  you'll have something to complain about, pretty much any game at 1600x1200 to 1920x1200 will certainly run okay enough, even with a decent set of image quality preferences enabled and as such we think that the Radeon 6790 will definitely be a nice success story.

If you can find the Radeon 6790 for the right price, we can wholeheartedly recommend the product.

The recommended street-price for the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 6790 is 129 EUR. Definitely recommended for your average gamer on a tight budget.

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