Radeon HD 5870 Review

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Radeon HD 5870

At the rear side of that rounded curve on the card we see two air intakes. The card is designed in such a manner that it will take in air from inside your PC and exhaust the heated air outside the PC.

As always we recommend you to have a well ventilated PC with at least a 120mm intake and exhaust. Create some airflow fellas, really important.

Radeon HD 5870

Okay, who else is thinking about a car design here? Anyway, the cooling is working well and will keep the card at acceptable heat levels. It however is (as is often with ATI reference coolers) a tad on the noisy side. We'll talk about that some more in the next few pages.

Oh wait ... stop the press.


 Courtesy to Guru3D regular USFORCES, who made this photo ;)

Radeon HD 5870

And here we have the card all pimped out in our way too expensive test system. Looks good.

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