Radeon HD 5870 Review

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Radeon HD 5870

Here we have flipped the card around once more and look at the top side. Let's zoom in a little though.

Radeon HD 5870

We feel it is quite respectable how ATI managed to deal with the power envelope. Remember, performance has doubled up, plus we have some new gadgets on-board. Meanwhile the power consumption maxes out at just 188 Watts for the Radeon HD 5870. As such two 6-pin power connectors are all you need to connect, each delivering 75 Watts, adding up to 150 Watts.

And if you are wondering where the rest of the power comes from... another 75 Watts is delivered though the PCIe bus.

Radeon HD 5870

The Radeon HD 5870 will obviously also be CrossfireX compatible, you could hook up one or even two more of these cards and go really nuts. We however do recommend you to not use more than two GPUs, as drivers wise you'll quickly run into problems, let alone performance scaling becomes very inefficient.

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