Radeon 4850 and 4870 review Force3D

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Radeon 4850 & 4870 review

Product: Radeon 4850 & 4870
Manufacturer: Force3D
SKU code: A7710
Information: Force3D.com
Street price: click here

The past two weeks are going into my book as graphics mayhem. A lot has happened and most certainly a lot has changed. In all that mayhem and uncontrollable number of reviews we added a new review partner to our website. I dropped their name already a couple of times yet with this article I'd like to introduce the company Force3D to you.

Force3D is a Hong Kong based company that opened it's doors earlier this year. Their focus is placed completely at AMD's ATI graphics solutions. They are a starting company and mostly will function as AIB partner for AMD. I have a soft spot for companies that are just staring and are relatively small. I also have a keen eye on quality and know very well what is good for you guys.

Their timing could not have been better as today we'll review two of their 4800 series product. With that said I already could end the review here, as you know that equals a lot of gaming performance for a very fair amount of money.

Force3D shipped out a Radeon HD 4850 and Radeon HD 4870. Their aim right now is to get some brand recognition and serve you guys the hardware at a competitive pricing level. We'll startup the review now and first gently sift through the the matter that is called RV770 and empowering these two aforementioned products.

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AMD ATI Radeon HD 4850 review

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