PhysX by NVIDIA - A review of what to expect

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6 - Demo's - Great Kulu| Fluids

The Great Kulu Demo

Ah yes, and then there is the great Kulu; who I refer to as the blob. Kulu is a technology demo created by the Ageia team in combo with NVIDIA. It's a disgusting monster that is contained in a secured facility. Kulu is surrounded by a PhysX enhanced forcefield. Kulu will react when you shoot at it and it's skin starts to shudder a little, Physx again. Obviously you need to set the monster free after which it'll hunt you down and you get to see all kinds ... of goo. I'll leave this in the dark right now.

Just check it out. A pretty fun demo and you can only wish to see features you'll notice in future games.

GeForce PhysX - Copyright 2008

Fluids Tech Demo

In the PhysX pack you'll also find a really extraordinary Fluids demo. It obviously simulates how water will fall / travel from point A to B based on physics values like gravity, current, density, mass and so on.  This 'Outdoor Scene' shows a miniature base with a massive pipe situated on top of one building. Here you can choose a flow of dark water, clear water, oil,  based on your preference. You can also throw in some rigid bodies in the water (the balls) and see how naturally they react in the environment created.

Though not a game, this technology demo is a perfect example of what physics is all about. Make sure you check it out.

GeForce PhysX - Copyright 2008

It's a very addictive technology demo. I really played with it for like half an hour and could not stop, it's fascinating for the mind. The physics simulation in combo with nice graphics is just breathtaking to play around with.

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