PhysX by NVIDIA - A review of what to expect

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5 - Demo's - UT3 | Nurien

Other Demo's in the PhysX pack

Unreal Tournament 3

We'll now skip the benchmark sessions, as there hardly is any point to it. Each, any and every configuration will be different as will the framerate.

As expected the UT 3 engine fully supports PhysX already. NVIDIA will include an UT III PhysX Mod Pack with three PhysX-specific levels in it's pack. I do not have any numbers of this title, as  .. I never purchased the game. I can not tell you how much I dislike the UT series and I am not spending any money on it. Sorry :)


Some might say, it's just another way to look at pretty rendered women. The developer says this software will be a social network kind of game (like Second life) where you can dress yourself up, and you can actually check your clothing while moving around (PhysX accelerated). This demo is impressive for sure as you can design your own avatar. The engine is actually UT3 based, which explains the easy adoption of PhysX, and the developer immediately took advantage of it. At a recent editors day at NVIDIA the crowd went wild when they saw this demo. Whether that has to do with the impressive graphics or the fact that I think the girls boobs are actually PhysX enhanced (they bounce according to Einstein's law of gravity) doesn't matter. It's just impressive to see. When you try out this demo, observe the clothing simulation, curtains, hair and in the background the smoke particles.

GeForce PhysX - Copyright 2008

GeForce PhysX - Copyright 2008Surely, if this demo doesn't do it for you ... PhysX will not be your thing.

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