Patriot Viper Steel 4000 MHz CL19 DDR4 review

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System Memory Bandwidth Performance

System Memory Bandwidth Performance

We tested the memory both with the default XMP profile (4000 MHz) as well as overclocked/tweaked to 4133 MHz. The 4000 MHz scores are in the ~48-55GB/s range, which is very nice.




The reviewed memory kit runs at 4000 MHz when you activate XMP in the BIOS. But what if you want to achieve more? I’ve checked it by setting the voltage up to 1.45 V (which is acceptable for B-Die), and then gradually increased the frequency until I saw any signs of instability. For us, 4133 MHz with CL19 was possible and gave the best result. That’s only a minor increase in frequency, and the reason of that is probably because we have reached the limits of the motherboard/memory controller or the memory itself.




Here, we have 48.5 GB/s, and even up to 56 GB/s. There is one more powerful model in the series (4400 MHz CL19, a cherry picked one), but still achieving 4133 MHz at CL19 makes a really good impression. You can get there without much effort (but it depends on many variables, like the motherboard, bios version, or memory chip series).

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