Patriot Viper Steel 4000 MHz CL19 DDR4 review

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Performance: Corona, Frybench, Realbench

Performance: Corona, Frybench, Realbench

Corona 1.3 Benchmark is a nice utility for checking rendering time. Of course the shorter time, the better. Here you can see that overclocking makes the performance slightly higher, so it’s worth trying to increase the frequency of the memory in this case.




Frybench is based on fryrender, which is one of the most demanding engines in its category. Fryrender uses every CPU core available without wasting CPU cycles. The benchmark takes advantage of multi-threaded processors. To keep things easier for comparison, we're displaying the results in seconds and lower is better (as normally it’s given in minutes)



The difference is significant, so it’s good to have memory that’s as fast as possible in this case as well. The last benchmark on this page is Realbench. The test consists of OpenCL, Image Editing, H.264 Video Encoding and Heavy Multitasking, but there’s a total score given, and this is exactly what you’ll find below for comparisons.


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