Patriot EP Pro SDHC UHS-1 32GB review

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Final words and conclusion


Final words and conclusion

Granted  it is rather hard to justify the price of SDXC UHS-I Class 1 storage cards as they are incredibly expensive. Pretty much for any decent camera whether that is photo or video any SDHC CLass 10 card will manage just fine.

However we can certainly understand that when you pick up that all new Canon 5D Mark III at 3K USD/EUR you'd want the best storage cards as well. Next to that my example of using a card like this for your media player makes quite a bit of sense as well. For the professional  users with narly video equipment that can manage 4K resolutions (hey it is what you can expect in future) these cards are actually a must.

Patriot offers the all new SDXC UHS-I Class 1 cards in 16GB, 32GB (SDHC) 64GB and even 128GB (SDXC). That's a whole lot of storage capacity and performance alright.

Patriot Memory EP Pro SDHC SDXC UHS-I

We do need to be completely upfront here, a 32GB Class 10 SDHC card will cost you roughly 20 EUR, this  Patriot 32 GB UHS-I Class 1 card roughly 60 EUR. Which makes it three times more expensive compared to SDHC Class 10.

But yeah, admittedly our benchmarks show that it can be up to three faster than a quality Class 10 card of equal capacity as well.  Realistically you can transfer 32GB of data in around eight or nine minutes when paired to a decent USB 3.0 card reader and fast host drive; and that's almost half an hour for your regular Class10 SDHC card. guru3d-recommended_150px.jpg

The high retail price is obviously going to limit the mainstream users, but if 80 EUR is not an issue and you want to pair your recording device with large storage volume and very high performance, it might just be what the doctor ordered. Patriot will back the memory up with 5 years warranty. It's an intriguing product, we expected read performance to be a notch higher though. But overall certainly recommended.

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