OCZ Vertex 460 SSD review

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The SSD can be opened up easily and shows a full-sized PCB. Interesting, to the left you can see an mSATA interface (to the left) as well. This 6Gbps storage unit makes use of 19nm MLC Synchronous NAND from Toshiba. At total of 8 NAND flash memory ICs can be spotted on the PCB, they make up for 128 GB capacity, minus a little overprovisioning which brings the SSD down to 120 GB. The NAND FLASH partition are assigned directly to the controller. All the way to the lower right you can see one out of two ICs, these are in fact Micron RAM ICs, each bringing 256MB of cache memory towards to controller for fast file write operations. The two 256MB DDR3 DRAM chips operate at 1333MHz


Here we can "barely" see the Barefoot 3 8-channel dual core controller. The labeling has been a little washed out unfortunately. This is an eight-channel controller with the ability of a possible 175 MB/s ~ 200 MB/s per channel throughput, which is a really nice value. 


Still, that is good news for the lower 120 GB SKU performance wise. Combined, the bandwidth is just exceptional for single non RAID drive. The controller supports TRIM. In the photo above we zoom in a little at the DDR3 memory cache chip from Micron, there are two of these.


As stated several times now, the MLC NAND used is 19nm in architecture, a batch of Toshiba MLC NAND memory. Good to know is that OCZ will bundle an Acronis True Image HD license (compatible with Windows 8) for free.



Mind you that OCZ is releasing three models (SKUs), the OCZ Vector 460 - 480 GB is retailing for roughly $360, 240 GB model for $190, and the 120 GB model for $100, so that's close to 80 cents (USD) per GB. Prices in Euro will be roughly equivalent. 

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