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SSD Performance PCMark 7


PCMark 7

FutureMark recently released the successor to PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7. The new suite has an excellent storage stress test. The Storage test is a collection of workloads that isolate the performance of the PCs storage system. You can choose to test other storage devices in addition to the system drive. At the end of the test your system is given a Storage test score.

The suite in segmented into 7 tests, each with their own target, e.g. Windows Media Center, Virus scanning, transcoding. Let's have a look what sort of results this brings us. Both the HDD test from PCMark Vantage and the storage suite tests from PCMark 7 we find the most representable HDD tests out of everything we do.

Test 1 - Windows Defender
Test 2 - Importing Pictures
Test 3 - Video editing
Test 4 - Windows Media Center
Test 5 - Adding music
Test 6 - Starting applications
Test 7 - Gaming

We only have three results just yet as this software is very new of course. We took a Corsair F120 SATA2 based SSD, very representable of current performance, which many of you guys now have. Next to that we added the new Agility 3 of course, showing somewhat increased numbers but nothing groundbreaking.

Over time more and more results will be added making this test session. BTW the blue line is a 1TB WD HDD is quickly added to see how it behaves in this benchmark.

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