MSI Z87 MPower MAX motherboard review

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Performance System Memory: DDR3 Memory read and write

Performance System Memory: Memory Read test

So for memory we had some good stuff to work with, Intel has a couple of certified partners for memory to get some sweet XMP 1.3 profiles going. One of them is Corsair with their newly released Vengeance Pro series memory, their 3rd reincarnation of their DDR3 memory modules I think.


Now with the regular memory at 1600 MHz versus AIDA memory tests we see good performance hovering at the 18-19K marker. 

Memory Write test


We did the same with the memory write tests. The write performance between the two speeds we're testing is much closer here, but absolutely rules.


If you like to go a little more crazy, once you overclock and enable an XMP profile (should you have compatible memory) then you get stuff like shown with the 2400 MHz results ( in the upper charts which is very impressive of course), this is a Corsair Vengeance Pro series kit at 2400 MHz BTW.


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