MSI Z77A GD80 review

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MSI Z77A GD80Z77A-GD80

When we place the motherboard in an angle we see the socket LGA1155. It supports both Ivy Bridge as well as Sandy Bridge processors. Alongside the GD65 MSI applied a new look to the motherboard with updated heatsinks. It certainly looks good.

To get you an idea how similar both the GD65 and GD80 are, above the GD80, and below the GD65:

MSI Z77A GD65 motherboard Preview

And as comparison, this is the Z77A-GD65 - seek and thy shall find the tiny differences.



The board has one 8-pin power header for the processor located on just behind he rear IO panel.


Sitting a little lower You can find 10 LEDs to the lower corner. The topmost LED is the DrMos alarm while the other eight LEDs indicate the number of phases that the CPU is currently using.

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