MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming review

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Performance - DDR4 System Memory

Performance System Memory: Memory Read Test

The Intel Coffee Lake supports dual-channel memory. While Intel officialy support up-to 2,400 MHz DDR4, most Z370 motherboards will support XMP memories in the 4 GHz domain.




Considering we are giving the AMD Ryzen platform the advantage of 3,200 MHz memories, we do the same for Intel. In fact, we moved all processor testing towards 3,200 MHz, both for AMD and Intel for fair play and same platform investment cost.



What About Even Faster Memory?

Memory is expensive these days and you are not going to see the benefit of super-fast clocked 4,133 MHz memory aside for benchmark records. The faster DIMMs offer little to no gain in performance really, volume matter more. We recommend 16 GB for a proper DiY PC gamers rig.


To put this to the test G.SKILL submitted a nice 3,866 MHZ RGB Trident-Z kit. This is a proper 2x 8GB kit. Have a peek what happens with this memory in the overall bandwidth. This is as simple as enabling XMP in the bios. No further configuration is required as all timings and volttages are setup for you automatically.



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