MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming X review

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Product Photos

Product Photos

The NAVI 10 series are going to replace the Vega lineup, which will fade out of the market as these cards sit right on top of that performance. The Radeon RX 5700 XT has the full shader cluster-enabled and is a fully enabled ship, that totals up towards 2560 stream/shader processors. It has 64 ROP partitions and 160 Texture units.

  • The reference cards have a peak boost clock up-to 1.9 GHz, with the average gaming clock hovering in the 1.75 GHz domain.
  • This card has default BIOS clocks at 1730 MHz base / 1870  MHz Game and a 1980 MHz peak boost clock (but that last clock means jack y0).
AMD has created a confusing mess with three different clocks. What you as a gamer should focus at is the Game frequency as that's where the card will say the most during gameplay. The cards will be tied towards 8GB GDDR6 memory (256-bit memory bus). At 14 Gbps that brings in a solid 448 GB/sec of memory bandwidth. The board power design of this card is 225 Watts. 









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