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DX11: Alien Isolation

DX11: Alien Isolation

The game follows Amanda Ripley, who is investigating the disappearance of her mother. Amanda is transferred to the space station Sevastopol to find the flight recorder of the Nostromo only to discover an Alien has terrorized the station and killed the vast majority of the crew. The player has the ability to crouch to hide behind objects to break line of sight with the Alien, and the player can then covertly peek over or lean around to gain view. The player can also run and possesses both a flashlight and a motion tracker to detect the Alien's movements. However, using any of these creates noise or light, which increases the chance of the Alien finding the player. The player can go under tables or inside lockers to hide from the Alien, and will sometimes have to press a button to make Amanda hold her breath to avoid making noise. Levels are designed to be non-linear, with multiple entry and exit points for each room providing alternative routes for the Alien to attack or the player to escape.

For Alien Isolation we enabled:

  • Ultra Quality settings
  • Depth of Field
  • SSAO standard
  • Anisotropic filtering 16x
  • Volumetirc Lighting On
  • SMAA T2x
  • Rest of settings maxed out




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