MSI MPG A1000G - 1000W PSU Review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

The PSU is completely modular, including the main motherboard ATX line and two CPU EPS connectors. As can be seen, there are numerous connectors. At the front, we see a small honeycomb air vent; this enables optimal airflow through the PSU, cooling its components and maintaining their efficiency. Additionally, we can see the power connector and on/off switch. You'll note that 1000 Watts of power demands some space; the PSU measures a little over 15cm in length, making it a product that fits well into a variety of chassis.



At the top, you'll stumble into a big yet silent enough fan. The PSU fan is a 120mm fan, unfortunately, it does have a fan-stop function. Please note that CPU EPS 12V connectors are duo 4-pin, you can connect one 8-pin and a 4-pin on combo, or even dual 8-pin.  



Among many of the standards it supports are Energy Star, RoHS, WEEE, ErP Lot 6. It is protected by OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, and SCP systems. All of these acronyms conceal the standard peak, high, and low control systems, overvoltage protections, and so on. It also supports Intel C6 and C7 modes, making it completely compatible with the brand's latest processors and the deepest sleep modes, which decreases idle consumption to less than 0.21 watts.



A benefit of this model is that it is totally modular in design. This means that all of the power supply cables are detachable and that some of them, depending on the needs of our design, can be stored inside the computer to save on cable management. The wiring is of the flat variety, with individual insulation but a flat arrangement, and so all cables are connected to each other.



In addition to the standard 20+4-pin ATX connector, this 1000W total power model has two EPS 4+4 CPU connectors, seven 6+2 PEG-type connectors for graphics cards and other expansion cards, twelve SATA connectors, four conventional Molex connectors, and yes yes ... a legacy Floppy connector.



Cable lengths range from 60cm for the ATX cable to 85cm for the molex cables' outermost connector. Of course, some cables are made up of multiple connectors. Except for one with an independent connector, the GPU ones are double. Individual EPS are also required per the standard.


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