MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ti SUPRIM X review

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Graphics card temperatures

Graphics card temperatures

We'll examine GPU temperatures in this section. First up will be IDLE (desktop) temperatures as reported through the software on the thermal sensors of the GPU. Anything less than 50 degrees Celsius is deemed acceptable, while anything less than 40 degrees Celsius is considered wonderful. We add additional cards to the chart that we have recently evaluated. However, what occurs when we play games? We run a demanding game-like program on the graphics card and record the GPU's maximum temperature.




So with the card fully stressed we kept monitoring temperatures and noted down the GPU temperature as reported by the thermal sensor. These tests have been performed with a 20~21 Degrees C room temperature, this is a peak temperature based on a GPU stress loop.

* Note we register a max temp peak at 63~64 degrees C, but as time advances the temp will drop further to sub-55 degrees C.

Long Duration Stress Temperature and GPU Throttling clock

Before we start benchmarking, we always heat up the card. During the looped warm-up sequence of at least 15 minutes GPU gaming load, we observe what dynamic clock the GPU will throttle at; 1950~2050 MHz threshold once the GPU has warmed up. We do this prior to all our reviews, as a cold card will boost a notch higher and influence the test results.


Above; silent BIOS mode (default)


Above; Performance BIOS mode (optional)

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