MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ti SUPRIM X review

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Product Photos

Product Photos

The reference 3090 Ti cards have a peak boost clock up to 1860 MHz, the Suprim X boosts to 1950 MHz, with the base clock hovering in the 1.560 GHz domain. As mentioned it weighs in at just over 2 kg, so be sure when installing you do that carefully as when not secured with screws you could easily snap that PCIe Slot of yours. Also, be aware of the fact that the product oozes heat a lot, you'll need a good ventilated PC with a properly located intake(front)  and vent (read/top). MSI will also include an option to use a bracket preventing the card from sagging down when installed horizontally. The power limiter gives a bit more leech for this card. The SUPRIM X RTX 3090 Ti also has a higher TGP value, at ~480W.



A stylish, brushed metal shroud sits atop the heatsink array. MSI refers to the complete assembly as the TRI FROZR 2S cooling system, and as you'll see later, it does an excellent job of keeping temperatures low. MSI calls the card's triple fans TORX FAN 4.0. The fans use dual-ball bearings for longevity, and each fan blade is connected at the end to enhance strength and assist guide airflow.



The card also has an aluminum backplate, as well as a number of MSI's distinctive dragon insignia — one on the back and three more on the fans. Of course, RBG lighting is present on the card and can be set using MSI's Dragon Center software.



MSI finishes off the package with a dual BIOS that has preset silent and gaming (default) settings, as well as a vertical support stand that alleviates any concerns about a nearly 2kg behemoth resting against a PCIe slot. Display outputs include three DisplayPort 1.4 and one HDMI 2.1, as expected.

The card has a BIOS option toggles between Gaming and Silent modes, however, the clock rates are the same in both. The BIOS option appears to just change the fan curve. Silent mode reduces noise marginally at the expense of slightly higher temperatures. 


MSI includes the new 3x 8-pin to 16-pin converter. Just make sure you have a powerful enough PSU though. 



The card is stunning in its metal and RGB lighted splendor. The front shroud is edged in brushed metal and contrasted with two colors of grey. If you choose to place it vertically, two RGB strips surround the main fan to offer a splash of color. A sturdy metal backplate helps disperse heat around the back. Another adjustable RGB strip and branding go along the edge.


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