MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti SUPRIM X review

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DXR: Raytracing / DLSS performance - BF V - RE8 - Watch Dogs: Legion - Cyberpunk

DXR: Raytracing performance - Games

We've decided to move the Raytracing results away from the shading performance results to keep the benchmark pages a bit more clean. Over time more titles will be added. With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2, we include DX-R results for Radeon graphics cards as well. Here Shadows and Reflections are activated, lighting is left off to produce at least some presentable numbers. The two other titles are Battlefield V and Watch Dogs: legion. Both titles have DirectX Raytracing (hybrid) enabled. For consistency and comparing DXR performance in between the two brands DLSS has been disabled for the NVIDIA graphics cards. Again, this to be able to measure performance 1:1 with matching quality settings, so you are looking at pure raytracing assisted rendering. But obviously, the combo with DLSS has a massive preference. 

Please note that the result set below is based on the reference review and serves as an indication of the performance of cards in the same class.





DLSS performance

We've also added some results sets with DLSS enabled, where possible e'll always choose the quality DLSS option in configuration. 




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