MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X review

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The graphics card has a top/down and front side vent, see the top side heatsink? That's where most warm air will be pushed out. You can also tell that MSI applied an extra cooling plate. As we always state, chassis ventilation is not just a must, with this design it's a necessity. We'll look a bit closer at that in our thermal imaging chapter though.



The heatsink surface area has increased, bringing some extra weight and sits at roughly 0.7 kg. The card does not bend. We like the color design, but once powered on it really starts to make sense from a visual point of view. Size then; that's roughly 24 cm / 10 inches of graphics card right there, so that card will fit in pretty much any chassis. 


Here you can see the power connector a little better. Opposed to the reference card, the power connector resides at the top side of the card. BTW the RGB setup (configurable) is just brilliant looking. 



I mean, once you give the card its juice, it will become visually very appealing. I know, taste differs, but that's why it is configurable with MSI Mystic Light. As you can see, the lower side illuminates the motherboard PCB with RGB as well. It's a bit of a halo creating effect that way.



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