MSI GeForce GTX 1080 SEA HAWK X review

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The Corsair based cooling design works out to be impressive in both cooling performance as well as its low noise-levels. You can mount the 120mm at your preferred location inside the chassis. The fan on the radiator you connect on to a FAN header on your motherboard (it would have bene nicer to have it feed from the graphics card though), set that fan at 60 to 70% RPM (1200 RPM) and it'll be totally silent whilst offering plentyful and near perfect of airflow. The fan on the GPU is used to cool memory and VRM, it is regulated automatically. As a result the card will operate in the 47~48 Degrees C range while heavily stressed.


This GeForce GTX 1080 is almost 11 inches in length which is 27 cm so it should fit comfortably in pretty much any decent chassis. Precise measurements btw are 270 x 111 x 40mm. 



The tubing leading from and to the GPU <-> radiator is roughly 30 cm in length. It's a good size as you will mount that radiator either at the top of the chassis or at the rear exit in the chassis behind the CPU. Once you power it up everything works instantly, and you'll likely love what you see below:


For those that wonder, the board is equipped with Micron GDDR5X memory ICs. So once you will power up you will notice that the Radiator fan is LED activated, it looks brilliant really, but you do need to see that effect happening inside an actual chassis, so let me do just that.


The top side of the card are LED activated (white) as well. The MSI and Sea Hawk logo will lit up as well as the radiator fan (which I did not mount but simply let it rest at the bottom of the chassis). As you can see the dark looks and design brings a totally terrific looking aesthetic feel to the PC.

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