Mountain Everest 60 keyboard review

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Mountain Everest 60 keyboard
The "highest contender" in the keyboard game now becoming smaller

The Mountain Everest 60 keyboard is the one we’re reviewing today. We have already covered two products of this German company; one was the Makalu 67 mouse and the Everest Max keyboard. This time it’s the 60% version of the latter. What we’ll find interesting about this product? This time it’s not using the Cherry MX switches but rather the custom-made MOUNTAIN. Linear 45 (which we received for the review), Linear 45 Speed, and Tactile 55 switches are offered here, aimed at gamers and professionals. Everest 60 accepts all other 3-pin plate-mounted or 5-pin PCB mounted switches. What else? Durable PBT Double-shot keycaps. It offers the same rigidity, sturdiness, and durability as PBT. Thanks to the matt texture and translucent double-shot legends; they should never fade or become glossy over time. The Cherry plate-mounted stabilizers come factory-lubed (with Krytox™ GPL 205 Grade 0) and clipped for a rattle-free keyboard experience. These are the same stabilizers as on the original Everest.



Everest 60 is set to achieve a quiet and muted sound profile. With a silicone mat in its bottom housing and foam on the PCB and between PCB and top plate, the auditory perfection was a goal. You can set the colour from a range of 16.7 million, and there are several RGB modes to choose from. The lighting is individual for each key, and also, there’s an RGB strip around Everest 60 entire body. Getting back to the colours – the chassis is “only” in one, the Midnight Black. You get a custom layout with arrow keys and maintain Enter and Backspace.



Base Camp™ software is used here to control the keyboard capabilities. It includes:

• Macro wizard and editor
• Custom key bindings
• Wide range of RGB features
• Software and Firmware Updater

Everest 60 is upgradeable (it’s considered an option) with a detachable Numpad (which we got) connecting via the USB Type-C ports placed on the left and right sides of the keyboard. The Everest 60 is connected via a removable USB Type-C cable – you can choose one of 3 different ports.



With a plethora of options inspired by the world's most beautiful minerals, there's a set for everyone:

  • Aquamarine
  • Dolomite
  • Obsidian
  • Quartz
  • Wulfenite


Each of them is available in two types. There are as well – the aftermarket keycap sets to make Everest 60 unique:

  • White Gray
  • DSA Dolch
  • Beige
  • Pudding

As for the pricing, it’s:

  • MOUNTAIN Everest 60 - $139.99 / €139.99 – all switch types
  • MOUNTAIN Everest 60 Numpad - $49.99 / €49.99 – all switch types
  • MOUNTAIN Switches - 90 pack - $39.99 / €39.99, 110 pack - $49.99 / €49.99
  • MOUNTAIN Colored Keycap Set - $34.99 / €34.99
  • MOUNTAIN Everest 60 + MOUNTAIN Colored Keycap Set *Bundle* - $159.99 / €159.99

 Let’s check the Mountain Everest 60 in practice on the following pages.

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