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Final words and verdict

It is nice to see KFA2 back in da house with a product review. It's a solid design with nice dark looks. That said, it performed slightly under the Gaming X from MSI, whilst having a slightly (but barely) higher clock frequency. That means the power allowance is slightly less for this EX card, and our measured power consumption backs that thesis. The difference is that the card is 2% faster over reference. when tweaked though, you can get closer to that 8 to 10% range. The GeForce RTX 2070 Super, on its end, offers a nice increase in perf over the non-Super model thanks to the added 256 shader processors resulting in 2560 of them for which NVIDIA needed the TU104. Here, however, the memory stays at 8GB and thus the ROP count remains the same as well as many other variables. However, the new clock frequencies do give it an advantage over, say, even a GTX 1080 Ti and closer to the RTX 2080, which is an interesting performance level. 




The card has an overall dark look, and that sits well in any PC really. Merely the top side has a bot of RGB going on with that "what's your game" logo, it's funny to see. So overall yeah a good looking product. While I always will remain skeptical about backplates (they potentially can trap heat and thus warm up the PCB) MSI does have vents there. Backplates look better and can protect your PCB and components from damage and, well, they can look nice as they can have a certain aesthetic appeal. I have to admit, this is looking very nice but looks are always personal, of course. So in the end, on looks, you certainly get that premium feel of detailed aesthetics and quality.


Cooling & Noise Levels

The card tops out at roughly 65 Degrees C while gaming and that is just really good. Not bad at all eh?, the acoustics I'd rate as silent, you can, however, hear a bit of airflow hitting the aluminum fins. One thing we need to mention, we've heard noticeable coil whine. Any graphics card at a high-enough FPS can make some coil-whine, here however it was really apparent. If you are bothered by that, this card might not be for you. 


Anything and everything is regulated by NVIDIA these days. Speaking, in general, you can expect another 5 to 10% of extra perf out of both cards when you bump up the graphics memory and GPU a bit. That it is, however, paired with an increased board power limiter and, as such, that will cost a bit more energy. Both traditional overclocking, as well as the OC Scanner functions, bring us close to that value. In retrospect though, you have to remember, that the 'older' RTX models could also be tweaked to 15~16 Gbps on that GDDR6 memory. Our +100 MHz on the base clock resulted in the product Boosting in the 2000~2050 MHz range.





Overall the EX Gamer Black RTX 2070 Super from KFA2, aside from having a too-long name, is a solid product. It offers very decent acoustic levels. The performance is a notch above reference, but that is the reality with most RTX cards from NVIDIA and any board partner these days due to TDP limitations. The RTX 2070S founder edition is positioned at 499 USD, this card will hit the 550 USD range. For that money, you get a very decent card with good looks and clocks. It is however in the same ballpark price as the Gaming X from MSI, and the STRIX from ASUS. Truth be told that such cards are more silent and do not exhibit coil whine. The PCB layout and component usage are good, the cooler I would qualify as excellent even as sub-65 Degrees C is proper value to be at. The factory tweaked perf seems a bit shy. Overall the card was only 2% faster than reference/founders. Tweaking wise the card did not disappoint though with an 8% advantage over reference. The 2070 Super is plenty fast for any gaming up-to Ultra HD based on shading performance. With Raytracing enabled you'll be in the 1080p or 1440p range. The card is TU104 based, and that means it is fitted with an NVlink slot, yep you could pair up two of these and go for SLI. However, given its track history, multi-GPU is dying. Combined with proper cooling and a decent factory tweak we'll happily out a recommended award.

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