KFA2 GeForce RTX 2070 Super EX Gamer Black review

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DX12: Metro: EXODUS


This third installment in the Metro series picks up two years after where Metro: Last Light ended and its story will spawn the course of an entire year. Begin your journey through the nuclear wasteland by hopping aboard the Aurora - a heavily modded train that is chartered to take the remaining survivors east. Anna makes her return from the previous game as well, and she is now Artyom’s wife. You can expect the same classic horror FPS mixed with survival and stealth elements, but Metro: Exodus’ overall gameplay drifts from purely linear levels to that of a hybrid sandbox game that still has linear driving forces. For this game, we use a run with Ultra image quality settings and hairworks disabled. Metro: Exodus has a built-in benchmark which you can use to replicate the results.

* We are migrating towards a new test platform based on the Core i9 9900K - 32 GB DDR4 - Z390. As older benchmarks slowly phase-out, the new ones are already tested on this 9900K platform. This game has been tested on the new platform. 




Raytracing and DLSS 

We have a handful of game titles available in which we can measure, to a certain extent, DirectX Raytracing and, with NVIDIA cards, DLSS. For this game we enabled RTX Ultra mode with DLSS enabled. Below, the results at Full HD, Quad HD. The RTX results are based on reference results below.



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