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Page 10 - Single Core testing: Encryption, decompression


File Encryption & Decompression

Encrypting is becoming more and more popular task with file sharing. Many companies already have a policy where all emails for instance must be encrypted. This test involves encrypting of different kind of files.

File decompression are very popular tasks in todays PC usage, especially files transferred over a network are almost without exception always compressed. These tests use the open source Zlib data compression library.

The amount of operations processed during the 20 second run time is calculated for both tests and the metrics is Megabytes processed per second.


This is the harsh reality that you'll stumble into most of the time. You'll achive the same performance as a PC with on CPU, even one or two cores. Skulltrail now ever falls behind a QX9770 based 780i nForce platform, this is due to the FB-DIMMS that slow Skulltrail down a little.

WMV & DiVX Compression

WMV & DIVX Video Compression - With digital video cameras increasingly gaining popularity, video conversion and editing is becoming a very popular task in home PC usage. This video compression tests measures two different types of video file conversion. In the WMV Video Compression test, a Windows Media format video file is encoded. This test uses the Windows Media Encoder 9. The video source data file used for the encoding is approx. 1.8 MB sized mpg file with a resolution of 320*240. Video compression is done through Windows Media Encoder to same resolution WMV format with video bitrate of 1000kbps.

Unfortunately a single threaded test again. Imagine future applications run on four or eight cores. Again Skulltrail falls behind a QX9770 based 780i nForce platform, due to the slower FB-DIMM memory performance.

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