BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 650W First Class review

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Bequiet Dark Power Pro 650 Watt PSU irst class edition

BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 650W First Class Edition

Product: BeQuiet Dark Power PRO 650 Watt PSU
Manufacturer: Listan
Product ID/SKU: BQT P7 PRO-650W
Price: 130 EUR
Info: website

The BeQuiet series of power supplies are probably the most tested and reviewed PSU's ever in the history of The PSU's come from the German based company Listan. These guys are consistently trying to push the envelope with proper marketing, good development, proper after sales and innovation. Four key items to be successful in this segment of the business. Granted, power supplies are good business, the intense explosion of brands that are selling/re-selling/re-badging PSU's is insane. If I had to mention every brand that is selling a PSU then this page would not be long enough. Quite interesting when you realize there's only a hand-full of manufacturers actually producing the power supplies themselves.

Anyway before I drift off too far let's get back to Listan. The reason why we review so many of their products is simple really .. it's for you guys. Here at we try to offer you reviews of the best and most recommended hardware around the globe. If you build a new gaming rig, we want you to take our advice as we will test and inform you guys if a product rocks or sucks.

The BeQuiet series continuously falls into that "rocks" category. So a couple of weeks ago I had a call from Miss D. at Listan. Their rock solid BeQuiet series is about to be updated to a new revision. And at that very moment I was like hmm what on earth could they improve ? Well, before we get into that .. let me just say .. they did. On the next pages we'll show you a fully-fledged review on their all new BeQuiet Dark Power Pro "First Class" edition of power supplies. A PSU series that is quite efficient, stable and so darn quiet .. that I measured over and over again .. up-to a point where I was flabbergasted.

So today we'll have a peek at that 650 Watt "First Class" Model. On the next pages you'll learn about the specifications and we'll do a photo-shoot. Check energy levels and will stress it with a real-world load test. Let's grab some wattage meters, multi-meters and a phat SLI PC gaming rig to see if we can taunt this PSU.

Onwards to the next page please ...

Bequiet Dark Power Pro 650 Watt PSU irst class edition

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