Intel Core i5 8600K processor review

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In the photo above you can see the Core i5 8600K. This is an Engineering Sample, the base clock frequency of this processor is 3.6 GHz with a Turbo to 4.1 GHz and a one thread Turbo of 4.3 GHz. These six-core / six-threads proc has a 95 Watt TDP.




But lets focus on the hardware. So yes, the socket uses LGA 1151, that is quite a bit of pin contact points right there. You cannot use Z270 motherboards for the Coffee Lake 8th gen processors. Z370 or a compatible series 300 motherboard is mandatory. Intel uses its traditional socket mounting system that you know from the Series 100 and 200 platform. An advantage here is that you can re-use your old cooler as the socket mounting itself has remained the same.



Our review will be conducted on the Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming (review).

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