Intel Core i5 8600K processor review

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Performance - Instructions per cycle per similar clock (IPC)

Instructions per cycle per similar clock (IPC)

Below I have started a new IPC test, now forgive the lack of results (I ditched the CPU-Z results after they changed the benchmark in the newer revision). This is the single CB15 run with the cores all locked (fixed) at 3500 MHz


This IPC test will build up and get updated over time. Basically we lock all processor cores at 3500 MHz. We disable turbos and things like XFR. That way you can see the architecture performance of the processor clocked at exactly the same frequency. This is a single thread measurement. For many people this is the holy grail of CPU measurements in terms of how fast an architecture per core really is. I however tend to say there's more to it than that, and that would be higher frequency allowances.

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