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Page 8 - The end and Jen-Hsun Huang - Inside NVIDIA PictorialOne final image of the inside before we are leaving, it was a long and exhilarating day.


At the end of the day we ran into, the GodFather of NVIDIA himself Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO, President and Co-Founder. We talked to him for about five minutes after he had to run off to his son's birthday. The next day the good man actually scheduled time for us but something got miscommunicated somewhere along the line and we had to skip this oppertunity, such a shame.

It was really good to meet him even briefly though. If I had to describe him then I'd say he's a very charismatic individual yet very casual. He'll talk to you like he knows you for years, he's very normal, makes time for you. Not at all what you expect from a CEO. He's definitely the man with a vision though ...

That's it folks, we really wished we could have shown you some photo's of the probing, testing and validation labs. They actually have gear in there that allows engineers to break down the atomic composition of materials. Yet perhaps we'll be allowed to do that another time ...

That concludes this article. I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside NVIDA buildings. Many thanks to Andrew and gang for making all this possible.

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