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Page 6 - Server room 2 - Inside NVIDIA PictorialFrom what I understand on your right you'll notice a cluster that is/was used for the NV50 development. - Inside NVIDIA Pictorial

It's quite scary to navigate through there yet everything is kept nice and tidy. You won't easily get stuck by a cable. It's a good place to get stuck though :) - Inside NVIDIA Pictorial
IP's are blurred here for obvious reasons, these are Intel Pentium based Dell servers. Grin, there's one down. In the end it remains a PC eh ? - Inside NVIDIA Pictorial
Here we are entering server room number two. - Inside NVIDIA Pictorial
The cases on your left are in the new server-room and are mainly for storage. When designing a silicon or simulate it you do not only need raw CPU power, you'll also need the room to store it.

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