Inno3D GeForce GTX 460 OC review

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Inno3D GeForce GTX 460 1024MB OC

Let me introduce the graphics card tested today to you. Above packaging, A rather purple design. The card is well packaged and as such can be safely transported.

Inno3D GeForce GTX 460 1024MB OC

Above you can see the card tested, this is the GeForce GTX 460 1024MB OC model. The card comes with a basic bundle, no additional game software or anything. Good news on the overclocking side, voltage tweaking with AfterBurner software is supported, and as our overclock demo will show.

So 675 MHz is the default reference clock frequency on the core... this one is clocked at 750 MHz for you. The memory is clocked at 3800 MHz, coming from 3600 MHz (effective data-rate).

Inno3D GeForce GTX 460 1024MB OC

The purple design also translated itself to the cooler sticker as you can see. I'm not sure if that is going to fly in the USA and EU markets coloring wise. The cooling design is dual-slot with a 80mm single fan. Not silent, not too noisy either.

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