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VGA performance: Resident Evil 5 (DirectX 10)

Resident Evil 5 (DirectX 10)

A new addition to our benchmark suite is Resident Evil 5. Capcom's newly released game ensures you a survival horror sequel that will let you bust up some zombies on your hard drive. Resident Evil 5 PC supports DirectX 9 and 10 along with ultra-high resolutions.

The game looks fantastic and has a built in benchmark. We test at 4xAA with all settings maxed activated, including BLUR. If you'd like to reproduce the benchmark scores yourself, then please select the fixed benchmark as we opted for a fixed time demo.

It's suffice to say that even at the very best image quality, Resident Evil 5 should run extremely smoothly. Anything over 60 FPS is overkill, but that surely gives you some room to play with, in terms of higher image quality settings.

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