HIS Radeon R9-290X Hybrid ICEQ review

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A 'normal' R290X has a maximum power design of roughly 275 Watts, but this HIS card was factory overclocked already. Above the two 8-pin PEG headers I mentioned on the previous page. Combined they allow for 300 Watt with another 75 Watt leading from the PCIe slot.


The card is 10.7 inches in length which is 28 cm. The cooler extends that to almost 29/30cm though.The liquid cooling tubing leads to aa 120mm radiator with a similar sized fan. Included are mounting screws. The entire cooling itself from the graphics card. You connect the fan connector towards the graphics card. One cable needs to be connected toward your PSU Molex connector, this powers the pump.


HIS tucked 4 GB of graphics memory on this card, and I do feel that 4 GB is more tasty. They also deliver the card with backplate, so the backside is better protected on the critical areas yet also makes the acrd more sturdy. Good to see are ventilation holes over the VRM area. The back of the PCB comes with specialized CAPs which increase the overclocking headroom while the custom concrete alloy chokes help reduce the buzzing noise produced on reference variants.

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