HIS Radeon HD 6970 Turbo FAN 2GB review

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Final words and conclusion


Final words and conclusion

Any baseline performing Radeon HD 6970 of course offers great performance for just the right price. However, once you label a product with 'Turbo' you do expect to see a significant performance increase. That's not at all the case with the R6970 Turbo from HIS at all. Merely a 20 MHz increase on the graphics core and a 100 MHz increase on memory might help you out with an extra frame, maybe two, per second in the most generic scenarios at best, so yeah... we'd like to hint to HIS that if you label a product TURBO, that you then actually make a bigger effort in clock frequencies as this is almost a little silly.

The R6970 remains what it is though, it's a really fun product but sure, does lack here and there in performance, and that's all due to the updated micro architecture of the GPU. Anyway, overclock it a little and you can squeeze another 5 to 10% performance out of a product that already offers pretty good bang for buck. Of course, being all reference you could try and voltage tweak the product as well, then nearing 1 GHz should be very possible.

The good thing is that the TURBO model is not much more expensive over the reference product compared with any brand, currently you can pick it up at a sales price of roughly 335 EUR for this 2GB model. Of course we could hint at you to purchase a 6950 and flash a 6970 BIOS on there, but we're not supposed to tell you that, so we wont :)

guru3d-recommended_150px.jpgSo overall we feel that the R6970 Fan TURBO edition is a very nice product if you can pick it up for the right price. That TURBO branding however is not really justified.

Other then that, noise levels are very acceptable, power consumption is impressive and your gaming experience will run up-to 1920x1200 really well with the very best image quality settings. Pretty much any game to date will have no issue whatsoever. As such, the product comes recommended, if priced right of course... otherwise we recommend you just go with the reference clocked products.

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