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9. What's the best part of your rig?

Clear cooling solution and that I hid all the fans.



10. Any dislikes, things you should not have bought?

No, not really


11. Did you modify anything?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

Painted the floor of the case / modded the stand of gpu ( cut it to smallest possible size) / cut the fan brackets to only fit 140mm / cut a hole in the back for D5 pump so my distro plat could fit flush / put a 92mm fan behind gpu so it cools chipset, m.2 and ram/change LED strip from 12V to 5V digital LED on GPU





12. Your 3DMark scores

Stock clocks Time spy 9681 / Overclocked Time spy 10647 @ 4.3 GHz all cores, GPU 2020mhz Mem 1451mhz.

13. Do you have any future updates planned?

Plan on adding a 5-inch LCD screen for temp monitoring and probably GPU upgrade if prices drop (hopefully).




14. Does your rig or mod have a name?

Atm no name,… NO NAME :-)


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